Venice is often described as the ‘Most unique city in the world’ for its wonderful setting and would argue when its most famous transport is the gondola. Venice, often called ‘The floating city,’ comprises 118 small groups of Islands in a lagoon; these lagoons are separated by canals and connected with bridges.


When we reached this Canal city, it mesmerized us with its mysterious allure. Riding the Vaporetto in Venice city, our hearts were filled with awe, taking in the magnificent glamour of waterways and the buildings surrounding it. Every corner revealed a new view with variant types of boats, gondoliers singing while passing by, and lovely little bridges connecting the alleyways – It was a sight to behold. As we explored the city, it made us fall in love more and more.


From our experience, we have put together this blog to help you plan your trip. Whether you want to visit Venice for a day, a weekend, or an entire week, this guide will help you plan an exciting trip to the most romantic city in the world.

Know before you go


Italian is the most common language spoken by the locals. Most vendors or shop owners speak English as there are so many tourists coming here every year.

Venice City Weather:

The weather in Venice is quite extreme in both winters and summers.

June till August is quite warm in Venice. This time the tourists flock to the city.

November till March is cold and might bring Acqua alta, flooding the city with ankle-deep water.

Best Time to Visit Venice City:

The best time to visit Venice is during the shoulder seasons of April to June and September to October.

Currency and Payments:

As with most other European countries, the Euro is the most common currency. The majority of the places accept credit cards.


There are lots of ways to travel in Venice city. Here I am mentioning the different options that are available for Transportation

Public Transport Traveling by Vaporetto is practical when you have to visit distant places. For transportation within the city, you can buy public transport tickets: 1 way, 1 / 2/ 3/ or 7 days ticket which covers all water lines. The day pass is valid for 24 hrs from the time you stamp it and it also includes Vaporetto lines traveling to nearby islands like Burano and Murano. We used our day pass to hop onto a Vaporetto early morning on the next day to reach Burano which was an amazing experience.
Airport Shuttle There is a dedicated Vaporetto line from Marco Polo airport to the city center which you can opt for. This fare is not included in the day pass. Other options include a private water taxi.
Explore the city on foot By far our most romantic way to discover those hidden nooks and corners of Venice. If you walk around, you are sure to stumble into secluded areas away from the crowds and enjoy your own piece of Venice with serenity. This was the most magical part of our journey to Venice.
Gondolas Gondolas are the charm of Venice. If you want to take home this beautiful memory of your time in Venice you should definitely rent a gondola ride. The prices are not that cheap but the experience is totally worthwhile. If you are not the type of person who would like to splurge on this luxury, it is also an option to simply enjoy the gondolas that are passing by which is equally satiating.

Things to do

Venice city, in its own charm, has so many things to offer. In this canal city travel guide, we have consolidated the topmost things that you should not miss when in Venice

1. St. Mark’s Square

It is the largest square in Venice city where you can enjoy lovely views and music. The best part of this square is that all-important buildings are surrounding it. It boasts of renowned St. Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Campanile (the Bell-tower), and Doge’s Palace.

Pro Travel Tip: Food and drinks are expensive around this area, if you don’t wish to fall for the tourists traps our suggestion would be to have your bellies full before you reach here.

2. Gold church of St. Mark’s Basilica

The famous church in Venice city has designs with intricate motifs and golden mosaic which glints in the sun rays. Entering the church will give you a sense of being in a Golden box. Also famously referred to as ‘The Church of Gold,’ it is a must-visit in Venice.

It once used to be a status symbol of Venetian wealth and power.

This place has a lot of legends that are depicted on the mosaics inside the church. One of the scenes on the mosaic shows how the body of St. Mark, the evangelist, was stolen and brought back from Alexandria, Egypt, to this church in Venice.

3. Panoramic views of Venice city from St Mark’s Campanile

To get the best views of Venice city, get to the top of St Mark’s bell tower. An elevator takes you to the top within seconds to enjoy a 360-degree view of this place.

Cost: 13 Euro

4. Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace was the Doge of Venice’s residence place, now it is a beautiful museum full of history. This place is made in Gothic style and has a lot to offer for art lovers. It has ornately decorated rooms and ceilings with masterpieces from many artists.

You can walk inside the famous Bridge of Sighs and also visit the prison chambers.

Pro Travel Tip: We suggest you take the audio guide here to fully understand the art, history, and the life and times of Doge. Bring your Identity proof to rent the guide.

5. Bridge of Sighs

Legend has it that this bridge offered the last view of Venice city to the convicts before their imprisonment. Thus it was famously named after the noise they would make before crossing over to their cell. Although this sounds really interesting, this legend has been often challenged as the bridge of sighs was built later than the days of execution. Today this is one of the most photographed places in Venice city.

6. Rialto Bridge

The most famous and the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal is worth a mention. If you are like us who loves to explore on foot, you would definitely come across this bridge. This one is absolutely packed with tourists struggling to click pictures. But who wouldn’t want to, to be honest, we are also guilty of this crime? The views from the bridge are spectacular for a picture or two.

7. Visit Venetian Islands

Murano :

Murano is known for its world-famous glass factories. Enjoy your trip to this island and witness how a simple looking glass is blown into a beautiful masterpiece by the glass masters.

Burano :

Have you seen any town brimming with colorful houses? Well, what if I say Burano is all that, plus these houses are floating on water. It is full of instagrammable spots and is just an hour’s scenic water drive from Venice.
Have I given you enough reasons to visit this place yet?
Then read on; it is a small fishermen’s island and is famous for its handmade lace products.
The houses were marked in brights colors to help the fishermen locate their homes during foggy or dark nights.

8. Witness the Venetian Carnival Culture

When in Venice, you are sure to come across these intriguing Venetian Masks. The Souvenir Mask shops captivated me to no depth; I was like a child exploring these exotic masks with awe, learning how they have different names and characteristics.

Like the Plague Doctor mask, which has a long curved beak shape and was filled with dried flowers and herbs, this was assumed to protect the wearer from airborne disease during the plague time. I was transported back in time, learning all the Venetian history surrounding this tradition.

In earlier days during the Carnival, Venetians could dress as they liked, instead of according to the rules set down in law for their profession and social class. Even today, people rollick these masks and costumes during Carnival, which is still celebrated in Venice city in memory of old times. When in Venice, witness this unique culture, which is continually celebrated every year around February.

9. Go crazy for Gelato

The food scene in Venice city is exceptionally romantic. There is nothing beautiful than discovering a new Gelato shop to devour that delicious Italian Ice-cream with canals in the background, oh so surreal.! We went absolutely Gelato crazy during our stay here.

Feelings from heart

Our experience from Venice and some helpful tips:

    • It was such a fantastic experience visiting Venice city that even writing about it makes me want to visit again.
    • To make your time memorable here, our suggestion would be to start your day early or explore in the late evening when the city is not packed with tourists. In the afternoon, take a siesta just like the locals or wander off into lesser-known places to discover the authentic Venice. I am sure you would definitely love it.
    • This city is one of a kind and genuinely enticing. It has many things to offer for everyone’s taste, right from the romantic gondolas, beautiful canals with colorful houses, many small islands, each offering something unique to its museums and churches.
    • I had read so much about how petty thefts are common in Venice: of course, you should be careful with your belongings in all tourist locations, but we have an entirely different story to tell about safety in Venice city – I don’t know what it was that day if we slept too less or we were too mesmerized by the city – we forgot our bag in one of the Vaporetto while going to our hotel, check the complete story here.

How did you like our list? Did you enjoy it as much as we loved writing it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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